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Last updated: 03-18-2012

Shipping available via airline - this works out very well with birds arriving within 1 day and live arrival guarantee from the airline.  Cost is usually approximately $90 plus $10 for shipping crate.   USPS shipping will not have any guarantee on the birds, usually costing $65.

I guarantee the health of my birds, but can not foresee any problems that can arise due to any stress from shipping or being in a new environment.  No refund can be provided, but if any bird dies within 1 week of arrival, please contact me immediately and provide pictures of the dead bird with it's leg bands showing.  We can discuss possible replacement, but buyer must provide shipping fee.  After 1 week, there will be no replacements.

Most of my birds are close banded, but a few are not.  I know their age give or take a few weeks as I keep close records, so I will be able to tell you if any are closely related.

If you would like to reserve babies in the nest/weaning, a non-refundable deposit of 15% of the cost of the bird will be required.

Payments accepted in forms of cash or Paypal.  If paying via paypal, will need to add 3% paypal fee.

Please email me at


Below are sample pictures of the birds for sale; can provide current pictures at request.
none available at this time
available                   Gender    Age              Price                 #     

Societies: variety available at this time.

Colors available            Gender          Age          Price            #     

fawn self                 M                varies    $15 each   5
chocolate self          M                1 yr       $15            1
chocolate/ino           M                1.5 yrs    $20          1
clearwing fawn         ?F               2 yrs      $25          1
chestnut self            M                2 yrs      $15          1
pied fawn                 M                6 mos     $10          1

Splendid aka Scarlet-chested grasskeet / parakeet:
babies weaning.  Will take deposit for babies.


Colors            Gender             Age              Price               # available 





Turquoisine grasskeet / parakeet: 1 pair available at this time.
Colors                       Gender             Age             Price        # available 
    normal                    M & F             1-2 yrs        $250        1 pair

Bourke grasskeet / parakeet: none at this time.




Colors            Gender             Age                    Price             # available 


Parrot Finches: none at this time.



Colors            Gender             Age                    Price             # available

Owl Finches: none available at this time.


Colors            Gender             Age                    Price             # available  


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